Courses For Coaches

Coach Education
Birmingham Sports Development in consultation with Birmingham County Netball Association organise a full programme of National Governing Body Courses and additional courses to help you on your way to becoming a qualified coach. These courses along with application forms when available are detailed on these pages.

The coaching structure in netball has changed to come in line with the UKCC, further information about the new structure can be found at the bottom of these pages.

The new structure does not at the moment affect England Netball courses for primary school teachers and those working with the age group 7 – 11 years.

In addition to the NGB courses, we also offer generic coaching courses, for example Duty of Care, Emergency aid and the compulsory courses for those clubs wishing to attain their CAPS accreditation.

Profiling of Coaches 
If you would like to be put on the mailing list to receive information and application forms for your chosen coach education courses, please download and complete the Coaches Profile Form and return to:
Sue Bell,
Sports Development Officer – Netball,
Birmingham Sport
Birmingham Sports Centre,
Balsall Heath Road,

EN Level Two Coach Award

We hope to host the new Level Two in the Spring term.  The Birmingham Netball Forum will be applying for funds to subsidise the course for Birmingham Netballers. As soon as dates are available they will be posted on the site.  If you would be interested in attending a Level Two Coach Award . You will be placed on a waiting list and when we have the correct numbers we will organise a course.

Netball 7 – 11 [Key Stage 2] Combined Coaching and Umpiring

Course Description: A six hour practical course to help you learn the basic skills of netball and provide you with simple practises and new ideas for coaching children aged 7 – 11 years.  This is combined with learning the rules and having a go at umpiring.  The course is ideal for those with no or very little knowledge of netball.
Who is the course for: Ideal for those working with the age group 7 – 11 years, so Primary School Teahers, Learning Assistants, Parent Helpers and Little League Managers

Skills Workshops for Junior and Senior Club Coaches, School Teachers (Secondary and Primary) and Little League Managers.
Workshop One
Defending Skills incorporating ‘closing down space’
Description: A 2.5 hour workshop led by  highly qualified and respected Coach Jo Munnion who will be working with a group of skilled players.  The workshop will focus on Defence, with an emphasis on closing down space and providing defensive strategies at Centre Pass. An ideal opportunity for coaches to watch, take notes, ask questions and get some new ideas!!
Who is the workshop for: For Coaches who currently work with skilled players, as well as those Level Two coaches who wish to progress as coaches.

Workshop Two
The Fundamentals
Description: The development of fundamental movement skills (basic physical skills) is vitally important in the early stages of a netballers sport experience. However, can you recognise gaps in the underpinning fundamental movement skills, which are crucial throughout a netballers playing career. How can you address and rectify these short comings in your coaching sessions? This is a practical workshop exploring a variety of activities around the key principles of movement: Balance, Co-ordination and Agility. Suitable for coaches and teachers of all levels.
Who is the workshop for: For Coaches of Junior players, Primary School Teachers, LLN Coaches, and Coaches working with Senior Players who need to improve their ability to move on court,  This is an extremely useful workshop for a wide range of coaches.

Workshop Three
Attacking Skills incorporating Attacking the Circle
Description: A 2.5 hour workshop led by a highly qualified and respected Coach who will working with a group of skilled players.  The workshop will focus on Attack, in particular Attacking the Circle, developing progressive practises to a game like situation. An ideal opportunity for coaches to watch, take notes, ask questions and get some new ideas!!
Who is the workshop for: For all coaches and aspiring coaches whether you work with junior or senior players.  Ideal also for Secondary School Teachers.

Performance Standards Workshop
Description: This 6 hour course provides teachers and coaches with knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of a potentially talented athlete.
Who is the workshop for: All coaches and teachers working with younger players. This course is compulsory for those coaches wishing to coach at the Satellite and County Academies, and those coaches wishing to become Scouts.

AENA Duty of Care/Child Protection Course
Course Description: This course provides an awareness of the issues surrounding Duty of Care and offers guidelines and action plans which will enable a safe environment in which to participate.  This course is compulsory for those wishing to gain club accreditation  [CAPS]
Who is the course for? Anyone working with children and young people in sport, for example umpires, coaches, little league managers, junior club coaches etc.This course is compulsory for those clubs undertaking CAPS.

Sports Coach UK – Equity in Your Coaching
Course Description: Everyone should have access to sport, regardless of ability, race and gender – this is what equity is all about. But in reality, disabled people, ethnic minorities, women and girls experience discrimination on a regular basis. Everyone involved in sport has a responsibility to improve this situation.

 Running Sport – Club For All Workshop

Workshop Description: This workshop will help you assess how open your club is and find out how to reach all sectiopns of the community.
Who should attend:  Club personnnel.  This workshop is compulosry when applying for CAPS
Next course available: To Be Advised

Emergency Aid Course

Course Description: The course covers – assessment of an unconscious person, recovery position, rescue breathing (mouth to mouth, etc), Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking, basic treatment on bleeding, and
recognition and basis treatment of fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains.
Who should attend? A must for all sports coaches, a five hour Emergency Aid Course with an emphasis on sports injury.

Changes to the Netball Coach Education Structure

The United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) is a Government led strand of work that arose from the recommendation for the Coaching Task force that reported in September 2002. 31 sports are involved in this UK wide initiative and are recognised in 3 phases. Netball is a phase two sport and has received funding from Sport England to develop the UKCC for Netball.
England Netball is the lead agency within Netball for the UKCC. The Netball Associations of Wales (Welsh Netball) and Scotland (Netball Scotland) are equal partners in the developments.

Funding Support
Over the next few months, Netball will be working to identify and promote sources of funding to support coaches and coach managers to access funding to help with the costs of accessing Netball UKCC qualifications.