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Read on to find out about Curriculum Support & Extra Curriculum Clubs.
Extra Curricular Netball Clubs

Sport Birmingham in conjunction with the Education Department has developed a City wide Community TOPS Netball programme. This scheme aims to introduce netball into primary schools (years 3, 4, 5 and 6) and to encourage extra curricular school clubs throughout the City. The scheme not only provides opportunities for the children taking part but also for the staff and the school.

Sport Birmingham can provide coaches to run a 6 -12 week lunch time or after school clubs at your school. Our coaches are fully qualified [National Governing Body], experienced and will have undergone the CRB’s new enhanced disclosure and most will have attended Child Protection and First Aid courses.

What the extra curricular clubs consist of:

Children will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of netball in a fun and enjoyable way.

They will be introduced to movement skills, the basis of all sports, and other netball skills such as footwork, throwing, awareness of space etc., and of course they will have the opportunity to learn to play a game. We also run quizzes and ensure each child receives a certificate to appreciate their participation.

We can also run enhanced courses where children are taken through the AENA Skills Award system, they receive badges and certificates. This is something the teacher can continue with in future years as there are a number of different stages within the system.

Should you wish to provide a teacher or parent helper, classroom assistant etc. to work with the coach, we can ensure that they receive guidance from the coach. We can also provide training for teachers and helpers and will give priority on our courses to those from schools who have had an extra curricular club.

The idea being that when our coach finishes, should the teacher wish to continue with the club, they will be better equipped to do so.

To ensure the children receive a quality experience, we would prefer to work with no more than two year groups only [3/4, 4/5 or 5/6].

Paying for the clubs

Most schools access their Out of Hours Learning Fund to pay for this provision, and if you wish to do this, we will set the contract up for you.

The cost is one pupil hour per child per session. For reasons of quality coaching and safety, our contracts are for 15 children, however if there is someone working with the coach this number can increase to 20.

The enhanced scheme costs 1 ½ pupil hours per child per session. Or you may use the Standards Fund, Strands 206 and 206B – we will invoice you at the end of the scheme. However if you receive neither, the cash equivalent is £25.00 per session, or £30.00 for the enhanced session.

Are you interested? What to do next..

If your school is interested in having a SPORT Birmingham coach to run an extra curricular club at your school, then please complete the form below and return it as soon as possible as coaches are allocated on a first served basis. Requests are now being taken for the Spring term. The demand from schools is always high and therefore we have to allocate on a first come first served basis – please apply as soon as you can. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Sue Bell, Netball Development Officer on 0121 464 6009 or email [email protected]

Curriculum Support

We can also supply fully qualified and experienced coaches to lead lessons within curriculum time, or provide a coach to support your teaching staff. Programmes will be written in conjunction with your staff, although the coaches we supply will be fully conversant with the curriculum for Physical Education, Key stage One and Two. For Secondary Schools we are currently working on a programme to relate to Key stage 3 and 4, however coaches can still be supplied to work to your requirements.

This service can be used as a one off with taster sessions, or on a more long-term basis. We are very flexible and will endeavour to work to your requirements.

You may be able to pay for this service via the Standards Fund or Gifted and Talented. Costs are £25 per hour.

Help is available in Handsworth Area!

Jill Armstrong is a Level 3 Coach, Birmingham County U18 Coach and a qualified Umpire currently working in the North West area of Birmingham.

Her role is to contribute to the development of netball and to establish sustainable extra curricular netball opportunities.

During the past school year she has been involved with over 20 schools predominantly in the Handsworth area delivering after school sessions, netball festivals and school holiday camps.

She is a qualified mentor and especially enjoys sharing her expertise with teachers, volunteers and other coaches to further their development.

As the standard of netball improves Jill is very keen to lend her support to anyone who would like to be involved in setting up a Junior Netball Club in the Handsworth area.

Satellite Academies

Satellite Academies are for talented young people in specified age groups who have been identified to recieve additional training and skills assessment, prior to being selected for representative sport.

There are two satellite academies in Birmingham this year, one in the south and one in the east. This year 25 girls have been selected for each academy from school years 7 & 8. Training sessions begin in July. Trials will be held for next years Satellite Academies in May 2006.